President’s Column - June 2017 - by Mike Hodson

Mike Hodson

We Need Your Help

  Here we are halfway through 2017, and it is already time to plan for 2018. The Santa Barbara Region is seeking candidates to ll two Board positions for next year.

   Firstly, Der Auspuff Editor John Alfenito is retiring after nine years in his position. As we all know, John has done a fabulous job creating our beloved Der Auspuff every month. Now it is time to locate a suitable person to take the reins. John will, of course, help the new editor learn the production techniques and methods, which involve filling in the “template” that John uses every month.

   This means that instead of starting each issue with a blank sheet of paper, a substantial part of the magazine is fundamentally produced already and just needs updating. Modern computer technology also helps drastically with the ability to design and edit pages with a few keystrokes instead of tedious hours of cutting and pasting via trial and error.

   Interested persons are encouraged to contact either John Alfenito (DerAuspuff@gmail.com) or myself (aitchpm@gmail.com) for further information.

   Secondly, my term as President will be over this year. Per our Region by-laws, elected offcers are limited to three successive terms, each term being one calendar year. Frankly, I have been surprised with the workload of the position. Having been the President of my own company for many years, I expected much more pressure and problem solving to be required.

   Wishing to get a feel for the dynamics of the Board, I attended several meetings before formally announcing my candidacy. Imagine my surprise when the meetings went smoothly, stayed on point and were very effcient. Thanks to the very high level of experience and professionalism of the Board members, my job was to oversee the club’s workings, including the finances, which were and continue to be in excellent shape. There was nothing broken that needed to be fixed then, and the situation is the same today.

   Naturally, I will be available to help the new President become successful in the position. Again, most of the duties of the President are based on precedent. There are very few new roads to be traveled. As most of the other Board members will be continuing in their roles, the strength of the Board will remain solidly in place.

   Please give these positions your serious consideration. Indeed, these jobs are not trivial and do require commitment. However, the satisfaction that you receive by working with a wonderful group of people is worth the effort. We all love the Santa Barbara Region and the people who make it so special. Joining the group as a participant brings great rewards. Thank you for listening.